Many anarchists are suspicious of “psychologizing” and make little reference to psychology as a discipline beyond dismissing its individualist focus. Yet pychological assumptions about power, hierarchy, cooperation, and similar dynamics underlie critiques of statism and capitalism and shape prefigurative efforts to transform society so that human beings can more easily achieve both autonomy and mutuality. At the same time, personal and interpersonal turmoil frequently hinder those efforts. The challenge is to determine which aspects of psychological research and psychotherapy, especially critical psychology and extensions of humanistic psychology and radical psychoanalysis, might help anarchists grapple simultaneously with both the personal and the political.
Un análisis desde la psicología analítica de Carl Jung, de como la religión y los mitos inherentes en el ser humano, dan forma a nuestros escenarios políticos

Psicología de la política y del estado

La psicología puede ofrecer explicaciones y modelos que ayudan a comprender, desde una perspectiva de las necesidad individuales y las interacciones sociales, el problema del estado
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